Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stop on by Sluggy's

I can honestly say that I don't often encourage folks to stop by another blog, maybe a few times a year, and not for any particular reasons. I just don't. Today however I suggest stopping over by Sluggy and reading her latest genealogical studies.

I've said for years that if I ever did go to college it'd be to get a degree in history. I am just fascinated by history. For that reason I love reading tales of times past, and these tales are even more interesting when they are connected to a known living person. That's really the thing about history though, everything in the past really is connected to something, someone, somewhere today. History has shaped our world. History is responsible for who we are, for us being here at all.

Sluggy's post "He Needed Killing" is a long read as she's set the familial connections up nicely so we are all aware of which ancestor of hers this story is about. Also for people who are interested in finding their own ancestors and stories of old maybe not quite like this one Sluggy does a pretty good job explaining her researching. I found this post particularly fascinating and you may too, although I suppose if you've never dreamed of a degree in historical studies then maybe not, haha! (I really believe you will though)


  1. I read it twice to be sure I was tracking the relations correctly. It was a good read.

  2. Such a great post! I LOVED it.