Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Things I Learned on Vacation

1.) My husband really likes gummy candy and tootsie rolls
(I should have come to this realization before now but I've officially made note of it now)

2.) "Free" hotel breakfast certainly can be a lot like hospital food/ cafeteria food/ school lunch food (we did not enjoy it at all at either hotel)

3.) DO NOT give your debit card to the hotel for incidentals because they might put a hold with a charge on it for a week even though you didn't have any incidentals.

4.) I need to make a point to travel with my family at least once a year. Getting away together and adventuring is absolutely priceless.

5.) I much, much, much prefer walking through the woods or boating through a cave or anything out in nature as opposed to exploring/ walking/ shopping around in a big city.

6.) Boat rides through caves are both awesome and a little scary all at the same time. Totally worth every penny!

7.) Kentucky is really really neat!

8.) Kentucky looks at lot like Guatemala at points. (no there aren't dinosaurs in Guatemala)

9.) Indiana takes about a million hours to drive through (I already knew that actually but still worth mentioning)

10.) Despite a very adequate amount of sleep my child can get exhausted beyond function-ability just from too much vacationing (DO NOT leave the stroller in the car no matter how much energy he appears to have!)

11.) Smarties work just about as good as coffee (maybe better) when driving at night and one is trying to keep oneself awake. Or maybe it was a placebo; I thought I was incapable of night driving as of at least five years ago and I rocked the last five hours of the drive home in the dark without my eyes even getting heavy... ate a boat load of smarties though!

12.) Cats, dogs, and I guess even sunflowers can really miss their family after three days of not seeing them. I am NOT going to take a photo of my pathetic sunflower upon arriving home (I think the thunderstorm did something to it, not sure)

The end.


  1. Smarties are super food. I still keep them around as much as possible-car (they don't melt_ desk drawer, kitchen cupboard. What other candy costs a few pennnies but gives you lots of instant sugar rushes with each little tablet.

    1. I will totally second that. I picked up three different candies at the dollar store before the trip to pack with the snacks, smarties being one of them and I cannot believe how well the smarties worked at keeping me awake and alert. Yay for smarties!

  2. I agree about most free breakfasts. They usually have mediocre food. Since TheHub is the only one who likes breakfast, he takes advantage of it and brings me back piping hot coffee.

    Smarties are pretty tasty car candy, but I am a sucker for goobers, even though they can be messy. Chocolate does contain caffeine so it truly might have helped keep you awake, particularly if you have a sensitivity t caffeine

    1. Both of the breakfasts at two different hotel chains were just not good. My husband refused to eat at the first hotel and he sat there like a four or five year old with a snarl on his face while he ate breakfast at the second hotel. It was not good though, his snarl was justified.

      I had to google Smarties to see what chocolate bar you were talking about. I've never seen a smarties chocolate candy before. Do you know that little roll of disc shape candies, that are just pure sugar? I had a bag of those in the car that I was going through like water while I was driving at night. I purposefully didn't bring any chocolate on the trip because of hot temperatures. I LOVE chocolate though!

  3. I LOVE Smarties!!! I know at those kids beauty pageants they give the kids coke & pixie stix - that'll keep you away for awhile but can you imagine the crash????

    I felt the same way about Utah that you felt about Indiana - I thought we were going to have to move there because we were never going to get out of it.

    I'm so glad you guys had such a good time - was hubby good about sticking with the budget?

    1. Oh, you're right. I've seen that too on the TLC show. Smarties are kind of like compact pixie sticks huh :)
      Yeah, those kids have to crash HARD! I can't even imagine, yikes
      No joke, I was looking for property in Indiana too, "ahhhhhhh we're never getting out!!!!!" I hate driving through Indiana.

      As for the budget, he is getting so much better. He didn't exactly stick to it but he had SOOOOO much more restraint then we used to in our younger (credit card) days. It was really good.

    2. I'm so glad - my darling husband kind of has a "we are on vacation so budget be damned" kind of thought process :)

    3. I really am impressed with his restraint. We didn't talk about money at all and he really held back, I could tell. We went a little over budget but I had money set aside for that, haha, I think I might be a crazy woman!

  4. Yes hotel breakfasts aren't the greatest. I think they are hoping that you don't notice how bad it is because you are so tired. Ugh.
    I'm glad that you had a good vacation. I don't like driving at night. I feel as if I am missing something. But if I ever have to drive at night, I'll think of you and gobble smarties.

    1. Once I got into the fifth hour of driving and hit the massive thunderstorm I felt very much like I was "missing something" or like I was in an episode of the twilight zone. At one point I knew that I was going the right way but I could not for the life of me picture where we were in the particular state I was driving in. My husband was a sleep and I thought I was losing my mind.