Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Numbers Are In

With July came eight no spend days, one day of vacation (the first day out of three), abnormally high spending in the pets and cleaning categories and a little bump in the grocery spending as well. I spent in seven categories this past month and the average daily spending for the year did go up a little again from $18.34 to $18.41 a day.

Average daily spending for July: $19.34

$13.21 a day on Groceries. Total $396.29
$1.01 a day on Toiletries. Total $30.32
81 cents a day on Food out. Total $24.24
19 cents a day on School supplies. Total $5.68
$1.14 a day on Cleaning. Total $34.19
$2.07 a day on Pets. Total $62.08
91 cents a day on Stuff. Total $27.28

My goal for August is to bring the average daily spending for the year down under the $18 a day range. I intend to reach an average of $17.99 a day spending by September first. This goal gives me a $438 spending budget for the month of August.

The average daily spending for food groceries for my family is still sticking around the $12 a day mark for the year. My average daily spending so far in 2015 on groceries is $12.33
Jan. $11.36 a day groceries. 31 352.16
Feb. $11.53 a day groceries. 28 322.84
Mar. $12.83 a day groceries. 31 397.73
Apr. $12.56 a day groceries. 30 376.80
May $11.45 a day groceries. 31 354.95
June $13.71 a day groceries. 23 315.33
July $13.21 a day groceries. 30 396.30

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.41

July 2015 Total: $580.08
On Vacation    7.31 (not counting this day in average)
Laundry soap $4.23    7.30
Groceries $11.98    7.30
Lunch (I know, terrible) $6.05    7.29
Groceries $17.26    7.28
Cat food $19.07    7.27
Dollar store trip $3.18    7.27
Ice cream with my buddy $7.08    7.27
Dog bones $9.98    7.26
Carpet cleaning solution $16.98    7.26
Groceries $8.13    7.26
NO SPEND day 57    7.25
NO SPEND day 56    7.24
Lunch $4.68    7.23
NO SPEND day 55    7.22
Groceries $13.79    7.21
Cat litter $7.99    7.21
Toiletries $30.32    7.21
Groceries $89.84    7.20
Coffee $1.79    7.20 (ran out of filters)
Minions at the Theater $18    7.19
NO SPEND day 54    7.18
Groceries $17.05    7.17
A book $4    7.17
Groceries $27.83    7.16
Dog teeth stuff $16.57    7.16
Dish soap $3.99    7.16
Coffee $1.79    7.15
Strawberries and peppers $3.50    7.15
Groceries $31.10    7.14
Groceries $9.04    7.13
NO SPEND day 53    7.12
Rice and garlic $1.50    7.11
Groceries $30.13    7.10
Groceries $22.81    7.9
ABC book for the kiddo $5.68    7.9
Cat litter $8.47    7.8
Groceries $9.76    7.7
Carpet cleaner spray $8.99    7.7
NO SPEND day 52    7.6
NO SPEND day 51    7.5
NO SPEND day 50    7.4
Groceries $43.10    7.3
Two markers & paper; family tree for Grandpa $2.10    7.3
Groceries $26.94    7.2
Groceries $32.53    7.1
Coffee $2.85    7.1


  1. I think you should be thrilled with how you did - especially considering you went on vacation! You really do not "waste" money - you have a plan and you follow through really well - good for you!!! We are still working on our eating out, but getting SO much better about cooking at home!!!

    1. Thank-you. I did not include the vacation spending in the budget though :(
      But I did good with that too. I'm pretty excited too that we only ate out once on Friday, twice on Saturday (we were supposed to eat the hotel breakfast for breakfast and it was honestly pretty gross and my husband was insistent that we go to waffle house (the coffee was even gross, it was full of grounds and had floaties in it)) and once on Sunday. We were gone for three full days so eating out only four times, um, I'm thrilled with that!

      We hardly shopped at all. We went to the Opry Mills mall on Saturday (it's HUGE) and bought three very useful things, all on deep clearance, from the Hanes store. We hardly snacked (my husband is the only one who spent money on snacks while we were away). We didn't really hold back on buying stuff for little Abe though. We bought him a kids miners hat at the cave, a small bag of glow in the dark dinos at Dinosaur World, and a little kids guitar in Nashville. We've been meaning to get him a guitar (other than the almost 60 year old one that's mostly broken that he plays with now) so it was pretty neat that he got one from Nashville.

      I'm rooting for you guys, progress is progress and I know you guys are eating out less then you used to so that is a win for sure!

  2. I'm a firm believer in sometimes you have to spoil your kid!!! When will you be in Nashville again and WHERE else would he get a miners hat or cool glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs???? Every time he plays with them he will remember your trip! I hope you got at least one thing for yourself!!!!