Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday's Watermelon Update

This is the only watermelon on the vine that's done anything (other than shrivel up and fall off). There are nine days worth of growth between the top photo and the bottom photo (today).
I'm rooting you on buddy!

Spending rundown today: $3.27

My budget for the month is $436 which leaves $208.51 (14 days left)

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.10

Sorry I haven't responded to yesterday's comments. I published them before work, haven't been home too long and have a very needy little boy on my hands today. I think I've heard "can we go to the park?" a hundred times since I got home. We will be going to the park but we have to cross off everything on our Monday to-do list before we can go... getting to work on that list now!
This wins the award for worst picture on my entire blog :)
(yes, eat pizza (again) is seriously the first thing on our chore list)


  1. Ok, I LOVE seeing how that watermelon changes every couple of days....especially since my garden is STINKY this year.....thanks to the boy who mis-watered....but I'm not bitter :)

    1. I'm so thrilled that you enjoy the updates. I was really hoping for ONE good watermelon this year. Daily I'm overjoyed to see more growth out of this guy. If this is my only one I will be thrilled. If I get more, well mission doubly accomplished.

      As for your garden, tear, tear. At least he didn't burn the house down, I mean, that's a positive right, haha!

  2. Love your to do list! We've eaten one watermelon from the garden so far. Taste was delicious but it had a *ton* of seeds. We're spoiled by all the genetically modified versions & aren't used to seeds anymore. ;-)

    1. I thought about the seeds! I usually buy seedless too at the store. Honestly, tell me if this is bad, I'm kind of excited about little Abe having to maneuver through the seeds (or me having to pick them out). I mean what kind of childhood will one have had if they never got to experience a hot day with juicy watermelon and all those annoying black seeds. "don't eat the watermelon seeds or a watermelon will grow in your belly!" I don't plan on telling him that but didn't pretty much every child grow up hearing that... Not anymore. Kind of looking forward to all those seeds :)

  3. This is true....and with him, anything is possible :)