Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grass Between my Toes

Thinking on the little things today (it's SO wonderful outside)... I've added a "page" to this blog called "Lovelies." I intend to update the page everyday with some of the little things that caught my attention and added beauty to the world. Today's lovelies: Morning Prayer time while driving to work on this hot hot summery day with the bright sun shining, birds soaring in the blue sky overhead, and the wind whipping through the car. Very good way to start the day. Also feeling the grass between my toes while I walked through the yard today.

Now for the bad news: I'm already over budget this week. No excuses. I've 3 days left in the week and I'm $3.96 over budget. The goal now must be to spend as little as possible before the weeks end : (

I get home from work. The husband asks, "oh, by the way did you want to go to the Jimmy Eat World concert with me tonite?" I respond, politely but somewhat annoyed, "Are you kidding? We didn't have $30 for you to buy a ticket, no I'm not spending another $30 so I can go." He leaves. I'm alone. I want icecream!!! We're already over budget. The husband just bought a concert ticket. A concert with the friends always means food with the friends. He also "had to" buy the new death cab CD today. Seriously our (I say "our" somewhat loosely) priorities are SOOOO skewed. What about the credit card debt? What about the Citibank card that is NOT getting paid off right now? And I want icecream!!!

I always do this thing where I'm like,"WELL he just spent $50, I should be able to spend $4..." Haha : )

Hot skim milk + nestle toll house cocoa + a bit of sugar + some decaf Hawaiian coffee + a little hazelnut creamer = Disaster Diverted (sort of the opposite of icecream) stuff I have in the house that I don't have to spend money on and can still enjoy a little comfort food. I'm not buying ice cream. This hot beverage on the hottest day of the year so far is actually quite delicious : )


  1. your frustration with your husband is totally understandable. you have to get on the same page because getting out of debt is not something you can do alone. if he is not respecting your determination, then you really need to have a heart to heart with him. i know that you've tried but sometimes it takes 6 or 7 or 12 times for it to sink in. at least that's how it was with my hsuband.

    on the other hand, jimmy eat world is mighty awesome.

  2. Just found your blog...LOVE the $12/day idea...

    It's hard when both spouses are not on board with the finances. I never had that problem, though, because I was the spendthrift. My husband spends, well, nothing.

    Perhaps if your husband had an allowance that he could spend as he pleases, it would ease the guilt. You should have a bit of money to spend how you please too!

    Love the idea of a lovelie section...reminds us to be grateful..:)!