Monday, October 24, 2011

$13.77 a Day

Just a random morning ramble.

I'd hoped to be somewhere near a $10,000 debt payoff by the end of the year. I might make it pretty close to  $10,000 total in credit card payments including interest. I'm really happy with the $4000 we've paid off so far. It's getting close to double what we paid off last year. BUT I still really REALLY wish it was more.

After yesterday's post "$4000 paid off in 42 weeks" I did the math. I've paid OFF $95 a week in CC debt. $13.77 a day has gone to pay OFF credit card debt. I've paid well over $150 a week in credit card payments (that's over $20 a day!!!). I harp on myself for spending $4 a week on coffee. I've been trying to live off of $84 a week for ALL spending. My husband who I complain up the wazoo about spends between $80 to $100 a week on nonsense (and food). The point I'm trying to make and one I'm exceedingly happy with at the moment is that we've been regularly putting more money towards the debt than ANYTHING else. $150 a week is a TON of money for us. $4000 doesn't seem like a super lotta money (especially when reading about some other people's pay offs) but $150 a week is genuinely really extreme for us and I'm a little amazed right now.

Ramble done. Another little self inflicted pep talk complete.


  1. You are really inspiring me to stay on budget. It is hard, but look at the progress you have made.

  2. That is amazing! You should feel extremely proud of yourself. As you say, it's not the dollar numbers so much as the percentage of your available income that you're putting towards your payoff. Rock on!

  3. Love the pep talk!I'm borrowing some of your enthusiasm!