Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday's Get me Everytime

So what do you do when an AWESOME 9 year old who lives across the country, who you miss and adore turns 10 in October, even though you promised not to buy anything new... Well (instead of making a card because I was informed of the event last minute) I bought a card and some Hello Kitty stickers and mailed them to Seattle. Thus, THREE new things have been purchased during "Buy Nothing New October." Alas, I should have embarked up "Buy Nothing New September," because I didn't buy anything in September.

It's been nice really focusing and paying attention to my purchases again (even though I've failed the mission). That first purchase didn't count because Bryallen informed me that I'd used a free pass that I hadn't previously known about. But these two purchases definitely do. Still, I didn't buy the new shower curtain or the shower mat, I've totally avoided purchasing a new shirt for work (I'm going to have to get the sewing box out today for the current one) and I also have decided that I should get one new pair of pants. Winter is coming quickly and only my work pants and PJ's are fitting me now. BUT I won't be buying those until November. So, if nothing else I have spent a bit less in October because of the challenge.

Today's Lovely 10.22.11: The sun has yet to rise and the green green grass is crispy and crinkly with frozen dew. Winter is coming and I don't mind that one bit.

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  1. Ahh, gifts are a real problem. I'm trying to make Christmas presents this year but even that involves buying things to start with!!

    I don't mind winter coming either - scarf weather!! :D (Although my boyfriend's genius idea of camping in the garden was not appreciated when I woke up at 5am almost frozen solid!)