Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Pleasant October

Thus far I've very much been enjoying fall. The leaves changed beautifully but due to a few very strong wind storms they fell off much too quickly. Still the bright neon yellow bushes that spot the landscape on the drive north are all in full array. The delightful crispy crunchiness of walking down leaf covered sidewalks is ever present. The cool breeze accompanied by warm sweaters is so enjoyable. I also love how the earth tips northernly and the sun begins to rise southernly and the sky changes in overall appearance. If not for the temperature one can know it's Autumn simply by the change in the sky.

I LOVE this tree... I feel like it's an old friend.
I've been putting up a list for each month on the right hand side bar and sadly I don't often attain to much of the items displayed there. So far this month I've indulged in a piece of pumpkin pie, a few chai lattes (mixed up at home... much cheaper), one of my all time favorite seasonal beverages salted caramel mocha, apple cider fresh from the orchard, apple pie (home made and delicious), and I've even been to a bon fire fully equipped with smores. I intend to make the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake before the month is out. I'm looking forward to that one tremendously. I've also been reading more as of late (hooray... I LOVE to read but often do not find the time). I've gone over budget a bit but I'm quite happy with how October is progressing. Officially I've made it past the mid year slump. It happened to be a rather long slump but I'm on my way.

Additionally my son is growing and growing and every little thought of him makes life rather splendid.

Happy October everyone! Thanks for stopping by and reading  : )


  1. OMG Pumpkin cheesecake sounds gooood! Will you post the recipe when you're done please? :)

    I have a favourite tree too. :)

  2. I have made 4 pumpkin pies this last week, but pumpkin cheesecake sounds great!