Friday, October 14, 2011

I spent $10.38 over the budget this week. I'm going to attempt to spend $10.38 under the budget in the upcoming week. It's my goal to balance the $12 a day budget for the month of October. I've done really well so far and I'd be SOOOO happy to have stayed on track all month this month.

She's crying for food right now. I must go feed the hungry cat. Later.
I've a busy weekend ahead of me but I'm hoping to accomplish some de-cluttering somewhere in between all the plans. I totally dropped the ball on purging stuff (so far) this year. ooops. Wowwy life sure gets busy and flys by.

No news on the husband's potential promotion yet.

Hey, thanks to everyone who's checked out the ads on my blog (some of them are so irrelevant). I can't believe I actually get paid just for you all clicking on them. I'm getting close to another check. Woohoo. I'm so looking forward to chucking another snowball at one of those credit cards!

:  )

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  1. Got my fingers crossed for your Hubby's interview! I really enjoy reading your blog.