Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reason #1 Why Not to Spend Money

Sorry but I find this quite amusing.

The cat in our family is very limited to her space. The kitchen belongs to her. She's established a few safe spots with the dogs. As long as she can make it to the bed or the ottoman she's off limits. I'm not sure how they worked that deal out. Table tops, her cat tree, the coke machine... the dogs can't get to her as long as she's up high. Our youngest dog is pretty sure that the cat is a game. "Get the Kitty" is the name of the game and the kitty is in no way shape or form amused by it. She may be a humane society backwoods runty stray with a little bit of Siamese in her BUT if you were to ask her she'd let you know first thing that she's 100% Siamese. AND she's not about to play silly kid games with a mini-schnauzer. 

Every time I walk through the pet department I want to buy her a nice fluffy cat bed. I mean she's a Siamese queen and she deserves a bit of comfort. Of course I don't want to spend the money on it. She's always sleeping on the table and the buffet, in piles of junk mail or on magazines. I've also thought about making her a nice kitty bed but I haven't gotten around to it. Pure laziness.

My husband had to get new shoes for work several weeks ago. Of course he set the empty box on the buffet (I mean where else would it go). Deedee has been quite contentedly sleeping in "her box" every single day since he got those shoes. Here I thought I should buy her a fancy cat bed or spend hours sewing her something nice and she's as happy as a clam in an empty shoe box. She's a bit chunky so I have had to duct tape one corner already. She tore it while she was snuggling her chubby self into the box. I'm pretty sure this thing is going to make her very happy for a very long time however.

Reason #1 Why Not to Spend Money: an empty shoe box will do just fine.

Today's Lovely 10.15.11: The wind this morning is absolutely musical.


  1. Haha, too true! Our cat has a cat bed. He slept in it for about 3 days and then has never used it again. In fact my sister's boyfriend doesn't like the cat sitting on him, so whenever he comes round he puts the cat bed on his lap to deter him!

  2. I currently have my cat Otto in a box too but then he DOES have to keep off the floor....!

    K xx

  3. It will be the same a couple of Christmases from now you will get your tadpole a cute toy and he will play with the box and wrapping papers!

  4. Our cat just loves bags and boxes, will climb inside anything... except the cat bed which we got rid off. I once bought her a cat climbing thing but she wouldn't go near it, she prefers to climb my treadmill.

  5. :) You may have to start using duck tape! :) And we don't say hurts our girl's feelings...she's "round" know, "shapely". lol