Friday, October 7, 2011

Just by the Hair of my Chinny Chin Chin

Actually I'm REALLY glad that I don't have any hair on my chinny chin chin but I do like that saying.

I managed to stick to the budget AGAIN this week. That's two weeks in a row. Oh yeah, I am back baby! It certainly wasn't easy. We ate some pretty cheap dinners this week (healthy, but cheap). I'm proud to say that the husband did a very good job with his spending money as well. He spent $30 less this week than he did last week and he's been paying very close attention to what he's been spending his money on. He's like a whole different man (almost). He has been quite and grouchy all day today and I have a feeling that he's stewing about the tight budget. The week I pay the mortgage (this week) it's always SUPER tight around here. He says nothing's wrong and that he just doesn't want to talk but I'm not dumb. There's probably something that he really wants to buy and he's resisting asking me about it. Who knows (well he does). He can only hold out for so long.

Thank-you for all the congratulations on the baby BOY!!! I CANNOT wait to meet him BUT we certainly have a lot to do before his debut. We are really genuinely so excited. He is another REALLY good reason to reign in the spending and grow up and (to throw in a little Dave) to live like no else right now so that later we can LIVE like no one else!

Today's lovely is actually from yesterday, 10.6.11: I place fairly large stickers on the floor as advertisements in the stores that I work in. It's just a small part of my day but I get to do it everyday. Kids that notice my "fun" job are always extremely fascinated. I think some of them may actual aspire to be me when they grow up... who wouldn't want to get paid to put huge stickers on the floor (little do they know). Well yesterday I was putting down a sticker (I think it was for Campbell's soup) and I looked up and a super adorable little boy (probably about 4 years old) was standing directly in front of me. He said in the most genuinely sincere little voice, "Would you like some help?" It was too cute, really. 

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  1. Congrats, on the boy! and congrats on the baby! I am so excited for you. You will be a great mom!