Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Tad Bit Glum

I spend a considerable amount of time each Saturday morning working the numbers and contemplating the budget, the bills, the debt, the future blah. I came in $9.30 over budget this past week. $9.30 is better than the week priors $12.73. I'm not to glum about it. But I hate looking at all the future expenses.

I hate knowing that the dogs need haircuts (we tried once to do it ourselves. It took several days to accomplish one pooch's trimming and it was a miserable fail) and we don't have money for it. We went to a celebratory dinner last nite for a very good friend who just received a great promotion but that starts this week's budget with $23 (2 days worth of spending) blown on one small meal and there's no food in our house right now but a few potatoes and box of cereal. The husband just got his guitars done (adjusted or whatever). Apparently it's been too long already and it SHOULD be done twice a year but the $110 expense is irking me beyond belief. OH, and I don't have any money budgeted for Christmas. That ones gonna bite me in the rear... I just know it.

I feel like a child right now, you know the "I don't want to clean my room. I don't want to eat my peas. I don't want to take the garbage to the road..." ranting type child. I don't want to spend money on gasoline, and dog hair cuts, and groceries, and for crying out loud I need one pair of pants that fits. I want to pay my bills and put the money towards the debt AND savings that I've budgeted and that's that. I'm sick of all the expenses. I know it's dumb. The expenses are the whole reason for the money in the first place but. "mommyyyy... I don't want to!"


"Sorry honey, we're eating cereal for lunch today"


  1. I really feel your pain on this one M - try to let it all flow over you this weekend then get back in the fight Monday. Mondays are a good day to refocus!

    K xx

  2. You can eat cereal and he can eat his guitars. Does he use these for work or to make money? I always dread when my husband needs new violin or viola strings or when he needs a bow rehaired. But usually what ever pit he is playing in gives him a small stipend to help. You are doing a great job, don't be so hard on yourself. How many christmas gifts do you have to buy?

  3. If he were my husband he would be kissing my (insert word) if you are short of money he should sell them to provide for you - you deserve better - love froogs xxxxxxx

  4. Go to food banks. I just got here, so I don't know the whole story. Oh my gosh, and you are pregnant? Christmas presents? Make them. Give gift certificates for baby sitting or whatever your talent is--cooking a meal, a dessert, drawing, get the picture.Make cookies. My sil apologized because she only had a huge plate of cute cookies to give us. We were thrilled because I rarely made cookies that were cute and Christmasy.

    Find a friend who can give dog haircuts as a trade or a favor or a future favor. Can you afford pets?

    Looking at your 2011 purchases--no more cards, make them or get them at yard sales or thrift stores. You could have used something else for a cannister for coffee grounds. Always look for the cheap way when you a plastic peanut butter jar for coffee grounds...for example. Find a sub for purchased gift wrap.

    From looking at this one post and the page, I can see you are struggling and trying to do your best. It is good to reduce the credit card debt.

    Maybe I should not have jumped in so soon with suggestions. If you were near me, you could get all the gift cards you need and every type gift wrap.

  5. I have been using the website to earn amazon gift cards to offset christmas this year. I have earned a $5 gift card every month this year so I have about $50, plus $10 from checkpoints on my smart phone. Here is my link:

  6. I agree - make the Christmas presents! That's what I'm doing! (Well, trying to keep at it anyway!). It takes time but it's worth it. Edible gifts would please most people, or like someone said above gift vouchers for a talent you have. Perhaps your husband could give a few hours of his time to teach someone to play the guitar!!

  7. That's a great idea, your hub could teach others guitar. They should be paying for themselves not wiping you out my dear. It seems unfair that he can soend so much on adjustment whilst there is nothing to eat..

  8. My hubby is the lead guitarist in his band but that isn't his "day job"'s his hobby. He has at least 15 guitars and other equipment out the gazoo, BUT the money he makes from gigs and teaching guitar is his to out into his hobby...not our budget money. Also, we weren't going to exchange gifts this year but we both ended up surprising each other. I used my Amazon money earned through Swagbucks aka free money, and bought him some $140 piece of musical equipment he has been wanting...AND still have around $40 left in my acct! He used his gig money from a private Christmas party and went to Old Navy after work one day (that in itself is amazing) and got me 2 pair of my favorite jeans! He had looked in mine after I had thrown them in the dirty clothes one evening and got the size. You make things work without the household suffering, ya know? :)