Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 42 of this Grand Adventure

This past weeks budget ended $12.76 over. I'm sad to have gone over but I'm not angry about the $12.76. That's not a horrible figure. We are spending more frugally again. The husband is even slowly stepping on board. So far so good, thats what I say.

I re-worked the number's yesterday and I've paid over $4000 in credit card debt this year which comes to almost $7000 paid out with interest included. I'm only $200 away from being under that $20,000 mark for the CC debt. I've been wishing for this moment for YEARS! It's like someone who's weighed over 200 pounds for such a long time and they've always hoped but never thought they'd see that 198 or 197 on the scale. I'm so excited for the $20,000 mark to be passed once and for all.

16.68% of the CC debt is gone so far this year. Especially if the husband gets the promotion (which we haven't heard back on yet) our credit cards should be completely paid off in 3 to 4 years. I've had credit card debt since I was 17. For over 14 years I've owed numerous banks debt and interest due to purchasing items I could not truly afford. Just 2 years ago I thought I'd owe debt and interest for the rest of my life. I felt like I was in such a deep dark hole that there was no possibility of ever surfacing. In 3 to 4 years I should be free and clear of owing anyone any longer. I'll have the opportunity to spend and save the income I make. I'll have the opportunity to live life free from that cloud of foolish past decisions and wasteful want. Every single day I take the tiniest little step forward towards my dream of freedom (which isn't free, doesn't come easy, and requires a lot of respect) but all the tiny steps are getting me somewhere.

It's moments like these, moments when I know that I'm really doing it; moments when life seems sweet and a pleasant aroma of accomplishment and satisfaction fills the air; these moments make the journey what it is and it is worthwhile.


  1. Well Done! You've done a great job with the debt paydown!

  2. My husband & i have $12,000 in credit card debt that we are putting every spare dollar we make into paying it off. I am hoping to be pregnant by the end of this year with our first baby & we want to get as much of this paid off before i take maternity leave. Recently we paid off the smallest card, it was only $250 but it was the very first card i got when i was 22. I am now 30 so it took 8 years to get rid of it. It felt so good to finally see it gone.

  3. That interest is really a nightmare! At least now that your debt's going down then the interest is about to face the end!

  4. The interest is a total nightmare and I've gotten it WAY down since the beginning of the year. In January I paid $342 in interest. This month I paid $162. If I were to have just kept paying minimum payments and ignoring the debt it really wouldn't be going down at all.

    Monica your story sounds SOOO much like mine. I'm a bit older and have more debt but I've been trying with all my might to get rid of it so that I can be the best mom possible!