Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I bought something new : (

I was sure that I could make it the whole month easily without buying anything new (food not included). I never buy anything. But we had the ultrasound a bit ago and they only printed out 2 photos for us and they're already starting to get a little ragged from me showing them around so I ordered copies. $1.88 spent on 2 photographs and "buy nothing new October" is shot. The worst part is that the prints aren't that great because the originals were formatted pretty small and I could so easily have waited to buy them until November. Grr.

I certainly don't intend to buy anything else this month but I'm bit regretful that I didn't wait on those photos.

I did turn down a show curtain liner that was on clearance. I really wanted to get it. I replace the shower curtain liner about twice a year. It's weird but it's one of the only things I really buy. Clearance shower curtain liners were VERY tempting to me. At least that's a victory  : )


  1. Don't be down, that's not bad at all!

  2. please don't worry about a cost like that, it's nothing at all to worry about compared to savouring every moment of each day you're growing that beautiful son of yours. No guilt allowed! you are doing a fantastic job.
    Before you know it this time will be passed, don't spend it being hard on yourself ((hugs))

  3. No way, that can't count as blowing the whole month! So there :P You used one free pass that you didn't know you had until now. No more spending now! :)