Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goal Number 3 in the Works

We've had $10 in the bank account for the past 4 days. I hate when that happens... it's so stressful. I decided that I wasn't going to transfer money from the overdraft for a cushion because my husband was fully aware of the situation and we could make it to today without the transfer.

Well yesterday he got a job interview for a promotion. Wednesday night we scrambled to get a resume thrown together for him (he's been working at the same job for 13 years... never needed a resume before) and he mentioned that he didn't have a dress shirt (at least not one with buttons... thanks Bozzy). WELL, I went ahead and transferred money from the overdraft so that he could get a nice shirt for the interview. I am married to a VERY t-shirt and blue jeans guy!

I got home from work after an 11 plus hour day. I had tried to call home once from a payphone but he didn't answer. I was dying to hear about the interview. When I walked through the door my husband was quite proud of himself. He said the interview went very well. He would find out later about the job but even if he didn't get it he said the interview was great experience, he'd received some tremendous references from the higher ups and he was having a terrific day. AND (he was glowing about this one) he didn't buy a new shirt. Apparently he'd played dress up for awhile with some clothes he'd inherited when his uncle passed away and he informed me that he "looked VERY good!"

So, I did transfer some money from the overdraft BUT he didn't even use it. Seriously, who is this man??? Two weeks in a row he's stuck to his spending cash allowance and on the heels of a big interview he declines purchasing a new shirt. Ahhhhh, life is changing.

Maybe babies do make people grow up  : )


  1. Hr is going to become a daddy, and yes this does help them grow up! I am extra excited for you. New baby maybe a new job!!!!!!

  2. it really does, that's just great that he did that and good luck for the job!

  3. Look at this debt, living it up, and she becomes pregnant. Look at how she and her husband have turned it all around.