Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick little update

It's pretty much a given that if I haven't been blogging then I have been spending money. What an awful week food wise. I began everyday telling myself, "ok, you need to be wise with the spending and eat healthy foods." And then... yikes. I really don't want to add it all up.

As for buy nothing new October, thus far I've only purchased the few prints from the ultrasound disc. Two days ago I decided that I desperately need a new work shirt. I'm not sure how you can suddenly desperately need a new shirt but I believe I do. Yes I only have one. I'm cheap, what can I say. Despite the situation my plan is to wait until November 1st. I'm not going to buy anything (else) new this month. So there.


  1. Well done for not buying anything still! Maybe you could do some minor repairs to your work shirt if it's getting a bit old, so that it lasts you til the end of the month!

    I keep not eating healthily despite my plans too. I work at a Chinese restaurant and start at 5, so I'm not really ready for my dinner before I leave so I grab a cheese sandwich or something, then I'm STARVING when I leave so I always take them up on the offer of a free Chinese meal. I've seen them cooking it, and whilst the main meals themselves aren't as fatty as you'd think, the fried rice or chips certainly isn't doing me (or my bum) any favours!!

    I'm going to make a pact with myself starting now, to eat more healthily than the day before. So yesterday I had about 7 biscuits, today I'll cut them out! That sort of thing!

  2. You are growing a isn't hard to NEED a new shirt all of a sudden!

  3. You probably did need one so don't be down on yourself!

  4. Do you have any friends who could loan you a few maternity tops? It's hard to be down to just one shirt! :-)