Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boring Pep Talk, Check

I'm planning a no spend for today. The main reason I do these (no spends) is so I don't buy pointless things while working; a soda pop, snacks, some random item we "need" for home. This no spend is going to be a bit difficult as there are a few items I'd really like to pick up today. They can easily wait for tomorrow though. Tomorrow is going to be a big spend day. I need to pick up cat food, flea drops for the dogs, toilet paper (my least favorite purchase of any), plus food, food, food. Today WILL be calm, spending free, no spend day 43 of the year... fingers crossed.


  1. I absolutely love the title of this post, and may I suggest that you do a "best of" titles post :) Hope you had a good no spend! :) Sincere admiration (no, really!), check! :))))

    1. You always make me smile. I wouldn't even know where to begin with a "best of" titles post. I think I have something like 755 posts on this blog now. Can you even believe it? And you've read all of them. I think you should get an award! Also, the no spend turned out pretty great :)