Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Un-Birthday

Little Abe brings my husband and I at least 20 different birthday presents a day. The gifts are generally one of his little toys wrapped in a towel or an old envelope or in his blankie. He always hands the gift over and shouts, "Happy Birthday Mommy (or Daddy)!!!" with a huge smile on his face and so much enthusiasm. Yesterday morning he was playing by himself in the kitchen while I was getting breakfast ready and I overheard him talking to himself. Quietly he was saying, "on you birthday, have cake, have candles, and presents, hooray!"

I decided yesterday would make the perfect un-birthday for him so when I got home from work he and I mixed up a little cake from scratch (he LOVES baking), and some chocolate frosting (that I could never recreate because I totally did not measure anything). After dinner I set him at a side table and asked if he wanted our special cake to be a birthday cake with candles... I should have video taped his reaction. He was SOOOO excited! My husband thought it was silly but he went along with it anyhow. We sang him "Jesus Loves Me," which is his favorite song instead of "Happy Birthday" since it's not actually his birthday. Then he got to blow out the candles. It was awesome!

The coloring page idea worked out quite well too. I still haven't bought him his first coloring book but he really liked coloring in mommy's hand drawn Mickey Mouse. If you really use your imagination you can see how he actually tried to color in the lines.

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