Monday, July 28, 2014

The zipper on the "new" pants did not break!
(I feel I should note that you have to read the last post to understand the above comment)
I will be eating a salad for dinner tonight and drinking lots of water.

Average daily spending for July: $18.65


  1. The fact that the heat is putting me off my food seems to be its only advantage at the moment. I am fed up with the heat induced headache!

    Glad you managed to retain your modesty.

    1. We're like that in the winter here, especially this past winter. It gets so cold for so long sometimes that all you can do is eat! Our summer has not been hot at all this year.

      I'm glad about that last point too :)

  2. :)) I'm adding the previous post's title to my collection of "The best of 12 a day" :))