Thursday, July 10, 2014

Free Stuffs The Best!

My kiddo is sitting on the couch eating a dumb dumb sucker this very moment. I went into the bank this morning before work to pay the car payment and I made sure to swipe two suckers for the little guy. He's making loud lip smacking sounds and sporadically exclaiming, "yummy!" And his little giggle (which is always accompanied by this silly vibrating entire body shake if he's really excited) when I gave him the sucker was just priceless. "They" say the best things in life are free. I think "they" totally had bank candy in mind when "they" first said this.

This day is a little more than half over but I think I can safely declare this no spend day a success. It was even more difficult than I'd anticipated. I didn't sleep very well last night so my resolve was extra low. I wanted to buy a Coke so badly. I also passed by the oreos while working and it took everything within me to not pick a package of them up. I saw a coloring book I really wanted to buy for little Abe. I haven't gotten him a coloring book yet (we just scribble on plain paper) but he's old enough now that I think he'd just love one. On that note I think I might freehand some outlines of his favorite cartoon characters with a black sharpie and let him color them in: homemade coloring pages. For a two year old that would be just as fantastic I think. I also saw some clearance PJ's that I really wanted to pick up. The candy bars were calling my name all day long; sure makes it sound like I have serious mental issues. But, victory! I bought nothing and still came home with suckers.

Average daily spending for July: $13.72
My average daily spending should spike tomorrow because there are several things we need but for now I will smile vehemently about $13.72!


  1. If you have a printer, you can set it on draft print to print out very lightly. They have TONS of coloring pages on-lines and good ones too at museum websites and national park websites.

    1. We have a printer but we haven't used it in YEARS. I think its broke and we can't afford ink. The "draft" print is a tremendously good idea though that I've never heard of. Is that something that's on newer printers or has it been around for a long time? gee, I would have printed everything on that :)

  2. Hahaha, that's why my boys like to go to the bank with me so much - free sugar :)