Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Strawberries and Matos

We got a Siamese twin berry today
We've picked 36 strawberries from our container garden so far. They all were yummy. They mostly all were beautiful. The count would be higher but my little Maggie girl discovered the neat little pot in the backyard had edible stuff in it a week or so ago and started scarfing up the ripe berries. I watch the dogs when I let them out so I've stopped her since but we lost a few berries in the interim. It's practically bursting with berries right now.

This is insanely exciting to me as well. Look at that darling little guy!!!
I spent $4.03 today after deposit bottles; mission accomplished.

Average daily spending for July: $14.99


  1. Happy for your happy garden and 'matos :)

    1. It's been such a source of joy. I just love all the plants back there!!!