Thursday, July 24, 2014


I haven't been near the computer much recently. For lack of recent blog posts I decided that before vacuuming this evening I would quick post a backyard produce update. Even though it's such a common normal event, my backyard produce is tremendously exciting to me!

There are some nice looking rose hips ripening on the wild rose bush right now.

The tomato plants are doing splendidly!
I absolutely love going out and checking on them everyday. It's one of my very favorite things.
And they smell so wonderful.

We've gotten 64 really great strawberries from the strawberry garden. I've stopped tallying them as of late because there have mostly been really small ones recently. But right now there are some new fairly large berries ripening so I think we'll safely make it to 70 berries this year. I haven't counted the berries my dogs ate either.

Now onto vacuuming!

What's the daily spending average you might ask... I do not know right now. I'm hoping to tally tonight after my son goes to bed.


  1. But I'll bet those tiny, tiny strawberries were the sweetest of all! Forget the vacuuming - enjoy the garden! The vacuuming will need to be done in the winter again when the loveliness of the garden is just a memory.

    1. The little ones have been very yummy :)
      That is one of the reasons I've been away from the computer. It's been very nice outside and we've been out there a lot this summer. As far as I'm concerned a calm (not too hot) summer is the best. The grass and other vegetation is doing great. It's so very comfortable to be outside doing so many activities without sweating like mad. Our past winter was horribly bitter but this cool summer has been great!