Friday, July 11, 2014

Groceries, YAY!

WOW I just spent money!

I shelled out $398 to the chiropractor this morning. That's a month's payment (of very regular, like 3 times a week visits) at a slightly discounted rate. After three months of care I should go about once a month and I think that only costs $40. I am SO happy with this chiropractor. I just started seeing him when I injured my back on June 30 (have not been happy with two previous ones). He actually took x-rays and told me exactly what's wrong with my neck and back and he told me exactly how he's going to go about correcting issues. I feel a billion times better than I have in years, already, after only 4 visits. Back issues are very genetic in my family. But our insurance does not cover chiropractic work. I cringe and double cringe at a $398 payment but it's the happiest I've been about spending money in a very long time. I feel like this is just for me; that I'm actually doing something to take care of myself. I've had headaches and back pain for years. I'm not great at focusing on me. I tend to pay attention to everyone and everything else before myself and I usually don't get around to taking care of me. Anyway, there's $398 gone. Yikes!

I picked up cat food and dog treats for $24.50. Flea drops for the dogs for $37. I'm not including the flea drops in the average daily spending budget because I am considering them medical. I spent $26.42 on household items and $64.57 on groceries. I haven't spent $152.49 on any shopping trip probably in years. Whoa it feels weird. I should be able to squeak out no spends for the next three days. And even though I just spent more money than I've let go all at once in forever my average daily spend (with 3 scheduled no spends) really didn't go too incredibly high. I was anticipating it'd be somewhere around $25 a day. My, oh my I do NOT like shopping!

Average daily spending for July: $18.05
Above average considers the next 3 days as no spends

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  1. So glad you've found a good chiropractor, and that you're feeling better!