Sunday, September 13, 2015

A day sacrificed to poor detective skills

Up and down day here but it was a NO SPEND and we got a free dinner. I suppose I should be on cloud nine. I had very well intentioned plans to clean my house today but I sat down to do some ancestry research on my hubby's side of the family and then all of the sudden the morning was gone. Little Abe was playing with his new toy puppies all morning. Apart from finding two newspaper articles and a businesses listing from the early 1900's that allowed me to learn that my husband's grandpa owned a small grocery store in our town and where the grocery store was located and that the grocery store had their own basketball team that played other area business basketball teams I found very little with my morning's worth of research. Kind of neat info though considering that my husband is a manager at a grocery store.

On the way to a family gathering for my husband's side I told him that I learned his grandpa owned a grocery store and he was like, "yeah, I know." Ugh! Thirteen years we've been married. I jotted down some family info so that I could ask his uncle some questions at the family gathering because in all honesty my husband knows virtually nothing about his family history and I'd at least like to know for my son's sake. His uncle really didn't know anything either. He didn't even know how many kids his aunts and uncles had or what any of their names might be. He couldn't even remember the name of one of his uncles. Is it odd that I think people should know these things?

Now Monday is drawing ever closer. Sunday is coming to a close. A new work week will be starting and I kind of feel like today vanished in the blink of an eye. Cheer up Charlie!

The man in the back row on the left is my husband's Paternal grandpa. My husband never got to meet him as he died at a pretty young age. I read in the news articles today that the grocery store he owned with the family name was sold after he passed. He left a widow and five children, three of which she had adopted because his first wife died very young leaving him with three children. I imagine his widow must have sold the store to pay the bills and such. Those are his brothers and sisters in the back. Although I'm told he has another brother not pictured. I don't know which sibling is which but I was able to find out names from The people in front are my husband's great grandpa and great grandma. I also found out their names online. My husband had no idea what their names were. Come on people! Know your family history already. I propose we re-institute the enormous family Bibles where we keep track of everyone in the family for generations. Anyone know where I might get a new one of those so at least my son can have a huge book with all these names in it that I've been researching for the past several years?

Okay, maybe I'll go try and clean something now.

Spending rundown today: $0 NO SPEND day 68 for the year.

My budget for the month is $513.62 which leaves $263.41

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.05


  1. It's weird that his uncle wouldn't remember his own uncle's name. Maybe there is some mental issue like early dementia or something. I really like genealogy and I'm so appreciative that I picked my grandma's brain when I could.

    1. I talked to my mother in law today about my husband's side of the family, so they'd have been her in-laws for about five years. She couldn't remember the uncles name either (she couldn't remember any names actually from this generation (only ONE back) that I'm looking into). I mean they were only her family for about five years but they were still her son's family. This is proving to be a very difficult mystery.

      My husband's family has a very VERY strong history of alcoholism. I wonder if there were some family members that my husband's uncle never even met. My husband has never met one of his uncles who died of alcoholism a few years ago. No one even had a funeral for him. I think someone just wired money to the funeral home so he could get cremated. I wonder if this older generation uncle who so far remains nameless is a similar situation. There are still people I can ask/ interview but this is getting very difficult now. Now I remember why I stopped looking into his family awhile ago.

  2. You ca usually find those books at a christian bookstore if you can find one of those nearby. I was actually thinking of putting one together for my boys who are 3, 2 and 6 months for when they are older, but was going to do so more scrapbook style, if I can come up with a little creativity somewhere.

    1. I hadn't thought of a Christan bookstore, haha, that seems to make sense. I will actually look for one sometime (probably search it online first). I have all the ancestry info I've found thus far online but I would really like to have a "family Bible" to pass down to my son. Thanks!