Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday rambling and spending

Friday, Friday, oh glorious Friday! I am home from work for the day. My kiddo should be down for a nap soon and I will brew a nice hot cup of coffee for this momma. Then I'll work on compiling a weekend to-do list and read for a little while. I will probably catch up on a few your blogs as well. I have yet to read The Hawaii Plan's 40 week project or her update and I'm eager to get over there and read those posts.

I LOVE Friday evenings and Saturdays! I secretly even love weekend to-do lists. There's just so much wide open potential during the start of a weekend. Hot black coffee, here I come!

Spending rundown today: $3.99 on laundry detergent. We were in desperate need of laundry detergent. I should but I WILL NOT take a photo of the clothing covering half our basement floor right now. Yikes! $37.10 on groceries. I'm pretty sure that we have enough food and supplies for the next three days at least but there's a really good 10-items-for-$10-get-the-11th-item-free sale right now. I might run back to the store tomorrow to spend another $10. The only real problem with that plan is the tremendous possibility of adding two or three extra items to my cart and then going over budget. Darn sales, haha!

My budget for the month is $513.62 which leaves $152.83

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.00

Here's the dirt cookie video I mentioned a few days ago just in case anyone wanted to watch it but didn't want to take the time to try and find it.

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