Monday, September 21, 2015

Day one of $10 a day (for ten days)

Spending rundown today: $6.29 on cat litter. Yes I started the $10 a day challenge needing cat litter. I hadn't realized I needed it but alas it's a necessity. Today I bought off brand litter for the first time though in an effort to save some money. Here's hoping I don't regret purchasing the off brand. I spent $26.16 on food groceries. My goal was $30 for the shopping trip today and two no spend days following today. I went $2.45 over my goal so I better at least knock out the next two no spends.

Today was really hard. Honestly though, every time I present myself with a challenge things seem to get harder. I think it's my mind's way of telling me, "You don't like the pressure. Just quite before you even start." I desperately wanted to buy some candy while I was working. Necessity? Absolutely not. But it sure would have been nice. What's that? Did I just say I sucked at delayed gratification? Well, I didn't buy the candy.

I also really wanted to pick up a toy for my kid. Okay, that's completely off limits during this challenge but I kind of sort of hurt my back at work last week and was pretty out of commission this weekend. Which means the little guy asked me considerably more than once if I'd sit on the floor and play with him to which I told him each time that I couldn't. Ugh, a horrible weekend for me sitting around trying to give my back a rest, drinking copious amounts of water, and trying to do some stretches every hour or so. And I felt that I let him down too. One of his toys broke today and he asked me several times if I'd get him a new one. Oh goodness he does not need any new toys but boy oh boy did I want to pick something up for him.

I didn't get him a new toy. Normally that wouldn't even be on my radar but of course I just presented this challenge to myself, just told myself that the rest of the bills weren't going to get paid late this month, just decided I was all in and then, bam! Want. Want. Want. Well, so far so good, except for that $2.45 over my goal spending for today.

My budget for the month is $450.79 which leaves $67.55

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.87

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