Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gloomy Here Today

Forewarning, the title is an indication as to the content of this post.

Thursdays are so tiring for me. It's my longer day at work and just so tiring. On the way to my second store there was a long line of stopped traffic because a mother was trying to get her very small child to enter a school bus and the adorable little blonde boy adamantly refused. His feet were dug firmly into the ground beside the giant yellow vehicle and I believe he was crying. The bus had it's flashing red lights on (as is law) and it was pulled to the side of a very busy street. The line of cars just kept getting longer and longer in both directions. The bus attendant had to come out of the bus and basically drag the small boy on to the bus. I was a little ways down the line of cars but I could tell that the mom's heart was just breaking. I couldn't even imagine. He must have been getting picked up for preschool because unless he's a very tiny five year old he looked to be only three or four. Oh the whole scene made my second store drag on. I wanted to get home to snuggle my little one.

To add to the heart wrenching moment it's rather gloomy out today and for some reason my mind keeps going to the thoughts of September 11th, tomorrow. When we all watched the towers fall this country felt a terror like we've never felt in our entire history, with the exception of Pearl Harbor. I can't help but think how long ago that was and how much it changed us. It's seems so far away from us now (except for those who lost loved ones and lived through it, I imagine to them it seems like it was yesterday) and yet these same terrorists with the exact same drive, the exact same motives and doctrine are shaking up the world in places that don't touch our lives. I don't know, I'm feeling very somber today. I can't help but think of all the children that are being tortured and murdered by these evil heartless people. I can't understand nor will I ever understand the evil that can harm a child or really anyone for that matter but there's just so much innocence in a child that I cannot fathom.

I think I might need to go wake my sleeping kiddo up shortly. He really did not want me to leave for work this morning, he wanted to snuggle just a little longer. Maybe a shorter nap today wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Spending rundown today: $13.57 on groceries. $23.85 on a Christmas present.

My budget for the month is $513.62 which leaves $323.29

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.03
Darn that blasted $18! It was the Christmas gift though.


  1. I feel you:( ever since giving birth to my daughter, I'm especially sensitive to hearing about or seeing anything concerning babies or children being hurt or abandoned. Even if fiction like on TV... I just can NOT handle watching it! Motherhood really is amazing...opens up your heart in ways I never thought possible.

  2. My daughter reminded me to not go on social media during the times between the first plane and the last-she was a baby when it happened, so has lived her whole life knowing the terror. My heart equally crumbled when both the Madrid and the London bombings were remembered. Then there is the terror the most recent migrants must have felt in their own home countries-terror so strong they are willing to take unthinkable risks to get them and their families to lands of opportunity. Unfortunately hate is still everywhere, but there is hope with each new generation-so perhaps this is why those pictures of little kids struggling to get on that school bus is so moving-he is our future, as is your little guy.