Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moment of Calm

Every once in awhile there's a brief moment of calm. Today was anything but calm. I didn't sleep very well last night. I'm fighting an annoying cold. I worked almost 10 hours today. I only took a 15 minute break. The husband and I did a 60 minute work out as soon as I got home.

Emotionally however, stress wise, angry devious cartoony little me verses responsible cartoony little me wise today was quite calm. I didn't crave sugar. I think I'm going to blame that on the cold because I'm nothing if not a sugar addict. I didn't have to fight with myself today about whether or not to waste money on chocolate or jelly beans or a milk shake (that's sort of random because I haven't had one in a very long time but shamrock shakes are coming soon (if they're not here already)). Not battling sugar afforded so much peace and calm.

I also didn't feel compelled to buy any expensive food today. Sometimes that $4.99 bag of granola looks so good AND it's healthy but it's gone as soon as I get it and I cannot afford a $4.99 bag of granola. The same goes for the aisle after aisle after aisle (I think there's about 23 aisles) full of food that I really cannot afford IF I want to eliminate debt and reclaim freedom. I really didn't want any of that luxury food today.

I'm doing pretty well with my coffee challenge. I haven't bought a coffee in 11 days. But every once in awhile something in me screams, "ONE MOCHA WON'T HURT!!!" I didn't have to confront any loud angry voices screaming about coffee today.

Today was one of those rare gems that pop up out of no where and add a little sparkle to the game. The budget for this week is still balanced. I do still have cash left. I know; I better still have cash left it's only tuesday : )  I do.


  1. Hey - had this thought today about one HUGE advantage of your grocery store situation...and how you could possibly manipulate it for your enjoyment. Every day you KNOW what is on clearance - what coupons ring up extra cheap - when some lady walks out with 50 boxes of macaroni and the store pays HER .58 cents or whatever. RIGHT NOW - you notice cadbury's on clearance - but what if you did some meal planning at the beginning of your week and challenged yourself to get the meal together as cheaply as possible? I am glad you are experiencing some calm :)

  2. Have you heard of your "inner child"? You definitely have an inner child that wants sweets now. If you gave her a name, then you could "fake" talk to her on your cell phone anytime you had a craving and your adult self could talk her out of it!