Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicago here we come

Today I spent $8.95. I am $9.80 under budget so far this week. Although my husband has gone over the reasonable amount I had in the budget for him he's considerably behind on his spending compared to the trend. So far so good YAY!

Tomorrow the husband and I are going to Chicago. This is technically a birthday trip. He got me tickets to a concert for my birthday and the concert is tomorrow night.We'll most likely blow $30 plus on food so there goes the $9.80 but at least I've $9.80 to put towards the $30 that most likely will be eaten tomorrow evening. Trips to Chicago are generally very expensive: gas, parking, transit, food, cheesecake... money just seems to fly away. But the past few times we've embarked upon the journey we've done an incredible job not nickel and dime-ing ourselves to death. We're not spending the night so that's money saved. We're not going shopping so there's a ton of money saved. I think we'll probably just get one meal so that'll save on coffee's and smoothies (we LOVE Jamba Juice) and cheescake (Cheesecake factory YUM). I am worried about the financial burden of this trip but I'm also hopeful. I think we can do this; have fun and be financially responsible at the same time. Chicago here we come!!!

As for today's financially free special moment I'm going to have to list watching the BEAUTIFUL sunrise as I drove to work this morning. I do love the sunrise!

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