Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday and Tiny Bunnies

I spent $22.06 today. Yesterday the cartoony little angel me won. Today the other side conquered. I bought coffee from starbucks (I'm not supposed to be buying ANY coffee...grrr) and I spent $1.50 on lunch which doesn't sound bad but it's $1.30 more than I usually spend. I bought a few groceries for dinner AND a pizza. I did put the marshmellowy delicous yellow peeps back. I cannot seem to adjust to this STUPID daylight savings time. I'm SOOOO tired and I don't want to cook or move or be awake. The pizza was good and only $7 but still totally uncalled for. The budget for this week is currently $17.09 over. Even if I kick it into high gear and save save save it's going to take me till Saturday to get the budget balanced. I am cutting it close here!

I saw this tiny white toy bunny with a pull string that scurries along a table top when you pull it. I have spent well over a year quite successfully resisting any and all cute little things for anyone; nieces, nephews, and sunday school kids included. But for some reason I absolutely had to buy that little white bunny for one of the kids in Sunday school who just turned four which means she'll be leaving my class (because I teach the three year olds). I picked up that little white fuzz ball let out a really big, "awwwe," and couldn't put the thing back down. I've got big plans for that rabbit. I'm going to sew a little bag/ purse for it and put the girls name on it and I'll wrap the package in bright pink paper and include a bag of m and m's. I'm pretty excited about this gift but I don't know what caused me to break down. Seriously we're talking a year and half here of virtually no buying stuff for anyone and I bought a toy rabbit. oops.

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