Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing the get out of jail free card

I haven't posted for almost an entire week. Week twelve has been extremely bi-polar for me. I started out motivated, energized and ready to go. I had a plan, a good plan. I followed the plan pretty closely and successfully but my counterpart had another plan and then I remembered why I don't like making plans.

I'm going to play a get out of jail free card right now. Please don't ask me where I got it. I could post a 5 page blog about how my husband behaves like a 12 year old with a credit card (even though it's a debit card and all the money comes right out of our checking account). Actually I just wrote that blog and then deleted it because that's just wrong. I love the man and we're working together on this crap! I'm not going to complain about him even though this week was the opposite of great. So for anyone who's following me I am proclaiming right now that when there's a death in the family and your mother in laws birthday AND a birthday party all in the same week then you can play your get out of jail free card. Ok.

I'm going to be adding an overage category to my spending side bar. I don't want to. I don't think it's a great idea but I can't have this week's spending hanging over my head. I wouldn't be able to stand the weight of it. I can pay it back (balance the $12 a week budget) over time or just leave it as is. We fortunately had overtime from my husbands job on this weeks pay check. It would have been nice to put it towards the debt but thankfully it covered most of the nonsense spending that occurred this week.

All that being said I'm starting week 13 from scratch, budget balanced (sort of). Here's another opportunity to spend $10 a day on food, $2 a day on other stuff and tackle that debt!

side note: even though it got REALLY cold again I did go jogging twice this week. I also prepared several different meals this week. I made lunches for my husband so he ideally wouldn't have to spend money on costly lunchtime food and I did not do any spring cleaning but it's hardly spring yet   : )

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  1. we all need those 'get our jail free' cards now and again.Sounds like you had a rough week, but you are still making good progress!