Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week Eleven Here I Come

The first week this month I spent $86.85. That put me $2.85 over budget. Last week I spent $82.73. That left me $1.58 over budget for the month. This week I intend to make up the $1.58 overage. I have $82.42 to spend this week. I don't need dog food. There aren't any birthdays. I chowed down like a little piggy last week so I have absolutely no need to dine out and am actually looking forward to home cooked food. I think for the first time in at least a month I have a normal calm low budget week ahead of me. Fingers crossed.

Today we spent $8.99 on a pie to bring to dinner at our friends house. That makes up for the $1.58 overage and leaves $1.43 for the future purchases envelope. I also got free coffee for supervising kids at church before church started while their parents were attending a class... I LOVE free coffee. Oh, and we're technically getting free dinner even though we're supplying an $8.99 pie. I think I like this week. The budget is currently balanced.

I sucked it up, sat down and added up all the money that left us these past few days. My husband spent a lot but it wasn't much worse than what he's been spending. After I added up all the spending for that stupid work trip and since I get paid by the mile instead of literally reimbursed for the gas the extra money for mileage covered stupid spending like pay phones, the cell phone minute card that didn't even work, food that I'm not getting reimbursed for and some spending at IKEA. If I get the $35 back for the locksmith and if I get reimbursed for all the receipts I turn in (my work is SUPER picky and I've never done this trip thing before so I'm pretty skeptical about getting all my money back) then I'll actually come out about $4 ahead. *sigh of relief*

I worked a little bit of overtime last week and the week before. I was a few hours short the week before that. It seems like everything is working out. It really does pay to watch where your money is going, to be careful what you're spending it on, and to put hard work and effort towards living a financially responsible life. So far so good!

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