Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Stuff (as opposed to whining)

Spring is on its way and the tulips are coming up.

I just updated my Credit Card Debt Elimination bar and in three months I've almost paid 6% of our credit card debt. If I were to keep at this rate I'd be able to pay 25% of our credit card debt off this year. That's over $6000 paid in one year. Last year I only eliminated $2800 and the year before that we paid $1450. $6000 would be a VAST improvement. I'm pretty sure I can do more than that though as I pay down the balances the interest goes down and since I transfered some debt to a zero percent card the interest has drastically decreased. I'm still shooting for $10,000 about 45% paid this year even though I'm off to a relatively slow start. In February we paid $336 in interest. In March we paid $199. April's looking to be about $30 less than that!

Coffee at home has been delicious and WAY more affordable than purchasing it away from home.

So far this year I've paid the overdraft account off and I haven't used it since February 3. I paid our smallest card off and I'm on track to pay the next card off by May (I'm cutting it SUPER close though).

Week 12 is beginning with fresh air and warmth. I feel motivated to not spend money, start spring cleaning the house, begin jogging again, and to trying my hardest to be a responsible adult.

AND I get a free coffee at church again: Caramel Mocha here I come : )


  1. Hope it was delicious! Keep it up!

  2. well done on the credit card and overdraft payoff!! you really are doing a fantastic job, I think of you every time I buy a coffee, which isn't often! :)