Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting Week 12

I didn't spend ANY money today. The free caramel mocha at church was awesome. The first thunderstorm of the year is in full swing equipped with lightning and all. I'm not a fan of thunderstorms (like most people... I mean it seems like most people really like thunderstorms) but it is truly music to the ears after this long cold super snowy winter.

We just got another batch of 0% checks in the mail from a different credit card. I'm so excited to get this debt GONE and these sudden unexpected 0% offers are like manna from heaven. Both of the ones we've received so far are for an entire year AND the interest that kicks in after the introductory rate is still lower than the interest we're paying on what I'm transferring over.

I did a bunch of yard work yesterday. The fresh air and sunshine has put an extra spring in my step. I am ready for this week! I'm going to try and make different meals this week. I'm going to try and plan some lunches for my husband so he doesn't feel compelled to blow a bunch of money on junk fast food. I'm going to try and jog three times this week (something that's going to kick my butt and be wonderful at the same time). And I'm going to attempt a little spring cleaning. There's some winter dust around this house that's just got to go!

Yay for sunshine and fresh air and 0% interest rates!!!

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