Thursday, March 3, 2011

Case of the Disappearing Meatloaf

I make mini ground chicken meatloaves a few times a week. They're relatively quick, easy, pretty tasty, they fit our dietary guidelines and our budget. Originally my recipe had 1lb ground chicken, bread crumbs, chopped onion, BBQ sauce, mustard, worcestershire, vinegar, garlic pwd, pepper, an egg, and fat free mozz cheese in the middles. I ran out of onions quite sometime ago and didn't want to spend the money on more so the meatloaves haven't had onion for quite sometime. I eventually decided that the cheese was too costly so their middles are quite plain now. Then we ran out of the worcestershire so that hasn't been in the recipe for awhile. The vinegar finally came to an end so, can you guess; I'm no longer making them with vinegar. Honestly because I have slowly eliminated ingredients just one thing at a time spaced out over time we've hardly noticed the difference. There's a little less flavor and they've become firmer because of the loss of liquid. But overall they're still quite tasty.

Here's the kicker. I just ran out of bread. I fully intend to buy more but I had meatloaf planned for tonite so I just went ahead and made the little buggers without bread crumbs. As I type this there are possibly the worlds most plain ground chicken meatloaves cooking in our oven. I have a feeling they're going to be more like odd baked burgers than meatloaves. We'll just have to see. Oh isn't life an adventure.

On the up side I still have $3 left. I was pretty much certain that $3 and then some would be gone by the end of today. Yay for self discipline! The budget for this week is still balanced and I think I might just get some overtime this week to make up for last weeks 3 hour shortage. Good day!

OOOOHhhh, one more item to note: I haven't used the overdraft account for 1 whole month! YES!!!

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