Sunday, May 18, 2014

Basement Find/ Strawberry Time

I decided today that I WILL plant something edible in my yard this year. I've had two primary reservations about gardening in the past. I know my husband would freak if I just began tearing up the yard. Yes, it would be a garden. But no, he wouldn't see it that way. He'd just see a bit ugly mess. The second issue is dog pee. I can't imagine a good way to keep the dogs out of a garden without a lot of hassle and our two little ones pee on everything.

Thank's to pinterest I've noticed that container gardening is really becoming a thing. I have been contemplating giving it a go but today I decided: yep, I'm going do it! I've been thinking about what type of "container" I want for my endeavor and then it dawned on me to head into the abyss of our basement and see what we might already have on hand. And I found a beauty!

We purchased our house about 8 or 9 years ago from my husband's grandparents. There are major downsides to living in the house that your mother in law grew up in like having it already packed full of your husband's grandparents belongings. The man refused to let me get rid of ANYTHING initially. At this point I've embraced the madness. I can honestly tell you that I did not know this tub was down there in "the tool room." But I think it will be perfect for planting strawberries. We eat so many strawberries and our zone on this planet is great for growing them. I'm going to have to drill some holes in the bottom and clean it out but I love it!!!

Apparently back in the day, whenever the little lovely was purchased it cost $1.99. It still has the price tag on it. Today it'd have to cost at least $10, right?
Well, let the adventure begin!!! It's strawberry growing time.


  1. Awesome! Great Find. I would love to do some container gardening and grow tomatoes, strawberries and zucchini. Unfortunately, i can't even keep a flower alive for more than a couple days so I doubt I would be able to grow anything edible.

    1. This is my very first "edible" plant. I'll see how it goes and move onto tomatoes. If you're talking about a flower that might live indoors they are much easier to kill than outside plants so maybe you still have a shot at growing some yummy food outside. I'm going to plant a blueberry bush this year too but I'll have to figure out something with the bunnies. I know when I was a kid my mom couldn't keep blueberry bushes alive because bunnies always ate them.