Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farmers Market Day

The little guy tagged along with me to two different farmers markets today. He couldn't understand why no one there was selling chocolate milk. I think I spent much too much but It was a nice time and I enjoyed looking at everything there. It's so lovely outside right now.

My haul:
Apples $2
Beets $2
A huge loaf of bread $5.50
Two fresh baked pretzels $5
A basil plant $1.75
Cherry tomatoes $1

I spent $17.25 between the two places. I resisted a lot of different fun stuff like homemade jams and spreads. Oh and all the sweet rolls, pies, and cake like confections. I'm proud of myself for not purchasing any of those. I probably shouldn't have purchased the loaf of bread though. Well I hope it's amazing.

I'll do better next time. Maybe a rule should be: nothing over $5. Implementing such a rule would be smart on my part.


  1. I have the same problem at the Farmers Market, everything looks so good. The $5 rule sounds like a good idea to me. Last time I bought four Empenadas (something difficult to find in Canada) for $10. They were meh. Not worth $10 thats for sure.

  2. At least all of it is healthy and good food.
    I love making jams and jelly if i have enough fruit. (Buying things like strawberries rather cheap now and freezing them, ready for use to make cakes, jams ir icecream)