Monday, May 26, 2014


Saturday was spectacular, maybe a bit too perfect. Yesterday was horrid, one of "those" days again. We currently have power in 1/4 of our house. I have an extension cord running from the kitchen to the washing machine in the basement because we almost ran out of diapers. There was a moment there where I started crying because I put my son in the last clean cloth diaper last night with two newborn inserts in it and I was pretty sure I was going to have to run to the store and buy some disposables for bedtime tonight. You have no idea how happy I am about the idea of not buying a single diaper this year (or ever again unless we have more children). This hope was almost shattered until the extension cord idea dawned on me. It looks that we need a new breaker box. We can get power to the entire house if someone stands down there and puts pressure on the main switch. I'm not against duct taping it but my husband did not like that idea. I'm honestly not going to think about how much it might cost to put in a new breaker box. There was the flour incident and I could go on about all the other little annoyances yesterday, but why...

Great day, horrid day, what might today hold? And tomorrow we should find out about the new job.

At least we have power in the kitchen! I'm out to do more yard work, day three in a row. It's so nice outside.

Average daily spending for May: $18.75


  1. Hopefully, you will have good days both today and tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks. So far it's been okay except for the whole power outage thing. But at least I've got clean diapers hanging up to dry right now!

  2. The idea of duct tape scares me, too. I hope it doesn't cost too much to fix.

  3. You are so resourceful!! That's the silver lining.