Monday, May 19, 2014

Watch Out For Falling Squirrels

Yesterday my little family and I were walking back from the playground when this furry fellow picked up a squirrel treasure right next to us and then scurried up this tree. You know how us humans are always trying to wrangle empty nut shells away from squirrels. It was pretty neat because it's the closest that little Abe has ever been to a squirrel and the two of us are always finding squirrel treasures in the backyard (I think it's a sort of walnut).

I had my camera with me and I quickly began photographing him run through the spring blossoms directly over my head. These are fairly small trees. Just to remove any possible building suspense from a truly uneventful story, because I am such a professional blogger, the squirrel did not fall on my head. But hokey peats about 3 seconds after I took this shot he fumbled around and came about as close as a lucky animal could to not falling directly on top of me. I screamed and ran faster then I've probably ever moved. Thoughts of terrified squirrel clawing at my face and hair became all too real all too fast. My husband and son had some pretty good laughs. I'll be a little more careful about photographing squirrels overhead from now on.

It's so great that spring is here. This winter was so dreadfully cold and long that every little sign of spring and every warm moment is just so soothing, so comforting, so enjoyable. Squirrels scurrying with treasures through trees covered in beautiful blossoms... what could be more beautiful?


  1. Hilarious story and great picture! Thanks for sharing. This post definitely made me smile today! :-)