Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pinata Day

We busted open the Pinata today and I spent what feels like a ton of money on nothing.

I had to pick up some candy to put inside the pinata because I forgot to get it yesterday. Little Abe and I went to his cousin's house for the festivities. I stopped at a "convenience" store because the parking lot at the grocery store was filled to the brim and there was no way I was going in there today (on a holiday weekend) with that many people shopping. Sometimes time does cost money and they call it a convenience store for a reason... convenience comes with a charge. Haha, I bought mostly clearance candy though. Total: $5.95 and the kiddos had a blast!
On the way home from pinata time my child freaked out and I flew through the drive thru at McDonalds to get him apple juice. It was naptime after a very fun morning and someone forgot to bring his fire (pacifier). The juice helped a lot but it cost me $5.38 for a kids meal, and a coke for me, and I hadn't planned on spending any money today. That brings today's cost to $11.33. Every minute of today was worth the $11.33 but it's weird how you can plan so diligently to spend NOTHING and then end up spending so much.
Que sera sera! Today was so much fun!!!

We actually started a pinata with the girls of their very own before we revealed that we'd brought ours along full of candy. It was a very fun, VERY messy activity for all the kids. And then so much excitement upon finding out they didn't have to wait for all 4 or 5 steps (takes a few days) for theirs to be finished before they could break one open. Now on to yard work. Oooh, there's a strawberry in my itty bitty garden that's recently developed a little pink hue. I believe I'm way too excited about it but still, seemed news worthy to me.

Average daily spending for May: $19.53

We've a week left of May. I'd like to finish with the daily spending average under $19 a day. Should be do-able. I just need to focus and plan.


  1. Love the piñata! You guys did a great job! :)
    When we had a piñata at one of our picnics I balked at having to spend a ton on filling it, so before I bought the candy I went through my own pantry and found a whole bag of peanuts in the shells and filled it with those first. I only bought a little bit of candy and when the kids cracked open the piñata guess what they all went for- the PEANUTS- Ha!!
    It sounds like you had a really fun day! And don't be too hard on yourself for the spending- some days are like that. And as you said- it was worth it- the fun you had today is absolutely priceless! :)

    1. I guess since we made the pinata with newspaper (that I consider free because coupons cancel out the price), paint we had on hand from fathers day last year, a little flour, and some water then I guess $5.95 in total for the little guy is pretty great. I really was such a blast. The girls were so excited and I had a ton of fun making it with little Abe. All a win I'd say.
      The peanuts were a very clever idea!