Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daily Spending

April kind of got away from me. I haven't posted a daily spending update in quite awhile so here goes.

I lost track of NINE days in April. With what I have on record (only being 21 days) the average daily spending for April comes to $19.99 a day.

May is currently at $19.25 a day with 4 NO SPEND days so far this month.

My average daily spending for this year is $18.13 a day with a total of only 31 NO SPEND days so far.

My goal for 2014 was $15 a day but having not ever kept good track of what I spend on food for my son I had no idea how close I could actually get to $15 a day. I know I can get closer than the current $18.13 a day because there has been some reckless spending. Reckless like crackers, or cookies, or a lazy dinner out that isn't necessary. Stuff adds up FAST though.

I am still super happy that I'm done with diapers (except for a cloth diaper at night) and have not purchased one single diaper this year. I'm still using up the stash of garbage bags I found in the basement so I haven't bought any trash bags this year. I am also done buying dish sponges and just using rags or old socks to wash the dishes. (I use old socks as rags) I've purchased very little, like able to count on both hands, coffee drinks this year. If you've read from the beginning that used to be a serious issue for me. I've not bought wrapping paper this year, except for a roll of clearance Christmas paper in January or maybe that was in December at the end of last year??? In short I've found some good ways to save money this year. I could have definitely spent less than I have thus far but I think I'm doing really well. I might adjust my goal to under $18 a day; maybe $17.50 a day. For now I'm just going to say, "Good job me. But you can do better. Okay. Go."

On another note: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you gorgeous ladies out there in the bloggosphere! You are some of the greatest women on the planet and I'm glad to be apart of your world!!!


  1. I like what you're saying for now: Good job you!

  2. Great idea about old sock - never thought of that! I have thought about using my scrap fabric to crochet a rag, but I don't know how absorbent that would be. WOO-HOO! No more diapers. I think I literally cried from joy when we were done with diapers. Good job you!

    1. Once I begin using an old sock as a rag I just cut the toe off so that my hubby doesn't end up wearing a sock that I've scrubbed the kitchen floor with. The man will wear a sock with a hole the size of his heel if I don't get it out of circulation. cutting the toe off stops him from wearing it too :-)

      It feels like a HUGE accomplishment not having to purchase any diapers. I've had some cloth all along but I never did great using them exclusively. Its awesome using them for night time diapers now. I'd actually recommend them to ANYONE who thinks cloth is too difficult but has a kid that just wears diapers to bed. They are SOOOOO great!!! You only need about three or four diapers and with just pee in them there's absolutely no mess. I love my cloth diapers so much!