Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Diamond in the Rough

I've been working my behind off the past week and a half. We're currently doing a large exhausting project that is sapping every ounce of my energy. It's a situation where I can work fast, hard, and focused for 8 hours; go, go, go!!! Or I can work at a comfortable pace, take my two 15 minute breaks and my 30 minute lunch and end up with 12 hour+ days. I figure either way I'll be super tired but at least busting my butt and getting out of work at 8 hours instead of 12 gives me more time home. I always opt for more time home. I call myself a stay at home mom who works part time. (I usually work a 4 or 5 hour day)

On Friday I found myself driving to work and praying, "Lord, I can't imagine myself getting through today. Please get me through this?" Shortly after I decided to present myself with a little challenge. I posed a question that I'd really like for some of you to answer as well: What's something you love about something you hate?

I made a list:
I hate leaving my son with my mother in law when I go to work. (I could expound so much more on this issue)
I love his relationship with her and the way he adores her.

I hate my hubby playing video games. There aren't words to describe how I despise video games.
I love occasionally listening to the one sided conversations and the constant giggling while he plays online with his buddies (wearing headphones because most adult video games have totally inappropriate language these days). Listening to the fun they're having is really cute sometimes. I'm contemplating starting a list of really strange things I hear him say while he's playing. Only hearing one side of the convo. and not the game makes for some strange ease dropping.

I really do hate going to work a lot of the time.
I love that I get to interact with some really great people at the stores I work in. Plus I am thankful for the income and flexible job.

I hate being in debt.
I love the learning and growing that are taking place while trying to get out of debt. Enjoying all the little things in life and finding creative resourceful ways to solve problems is a big part of this journey that I don't know if I'd experience along a different path. I'm thankful for who I'm becoming. (I like being frugal)

Life can be so overwhelming, so exhausting, and down right frustrating at times but there's always that diamond in the rough, beauty from ashes, rose among the thorns aspect to every situation. Or at least I like to think there's something good in every situation. We just have to look for it.

What is something you love about something you hate? Really, something you just can't stand; think about it for a minute and see if you can't figure out something that's actually really nice about it.

Average daily spending for May: $19.10


  1. Good for you for finding something good in things that might seem upsetting otherwise!

    1. ... things that are genuinely upsetting A LOT of the time. The above this is stuff that makes me crazy on a daily basis but seeing a bit of good in each of those areas does help.

  2. :))) about nr.2 on your list. "Watch out, a grenade!!!"
    I hate dealing with dry laundry, but I love that it gives me an opportunity to be here an now, to be present (OK, I tried). :)