Friday, May 9, 2014

Clean Carpets!

I bought vacuum bags yesterday! I know, lame. But seriously I couldn't empty out our current (duct taped shut) one any longer because it began to smell. I drove to the vacuum store and bought a box of bags and then I went home and vacuumed and now I feel like I live in a palace! I have been picking up lint and crumbs with duct tape for a few weeks now.

I am honestly really bad about spending money; in other words I actually really dislike spending money. The reason for this awesome post is to say that purchasing something like vacuum bags is generally a pretty normal occurrence right? I just like how happy it's making me to have a fresh, clean, new bag in my vacuum cleaner right now. I'm not sure anyone has ever been so happy about this "accomplishment." I love how trying not to spend money on any one thing can turn purchasing that particular item into a festive occasion. There are some pretty great things about living the frugal life. Happy gal here!

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