Monday, January 5, 2015

2015, First Quarter Goals

I wasn't going to post "New Year's Resolutions" or even 2015 goals because I just can't stick to anything for an entire year. I look back at my goals once the year's flown by and at least in my own eyes I end up looking a bit like a failure. None the less my mind has been racing with things I want to accomplish this year, goals, plans, yep New Year's resolutions. I've decided to make some first quarter goals instead. I can handle focusing on a thing for three months. That's probably about my attention span limit anyhow. Come the second quarter I'll reassess and see where I am then instead of waiting 12 months and ending up with a big oops, I forgot.

For the next 13 weeks I'd like to:

1. Learn 10 Irish words/ phrases
-1. Dia Duit
2. Bake 10 new recipes
- 1. Banana walnut muffins
- 2. A loaf of cheese bread
- 3. Brownies with frosting
- 4. Sourdough bread
- 5. Walnut Tassies
- 6. Apple Tassies
- 7. Citrus cupcakes
- 8. Cinnamon roll cake
- 9. Lemon cake with lemon frosting
3. Read 4 books
- 1. "Dreamers and Deceivers" Glenn Beck
- 2. "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims" Rush Limbaugh
- 3. "Rush Revere and the First Patriots" Rush Limbaugh
- 4. "St. Patrick of Ireland" Philip Freeman

- 5. "Rush Revere and the American Revolution" Rush Limbaugh

4. Not cut my hair
-I'm known for having rather long hair but it's been awhile since it was really long. I'd like to get there again and then I'd like to donate it again maybe come next January.

5. Clean out the basement
This might take me more than three months but it's a goal. Our basement is just a spidery mess of other people's stuff that I need to go through, get rid of, and clean up. I'd like it to not have anything we don't need or use.
-Go through hubby's grandparent's and hubby's dad's stuff and if it needs to be kept it needs to belong somewhere (other than the basement)
-Get rid of the garbage/ damaged stuff from the flood
-Get rid of the mattress
-Get rid of the boards
-Get rid of the paint cans
-Clear out my mom and sister's stuff
-Clear out Jessika's stuff
-Give Dave's huge fan back
-Scrape up the old paint on the floor
-Wash the floor
-Clean the walls
-Move the ping pong table to other side
-Move the tool and dye stuff (grandpa's) to tool room
- I'd like it to be a place little Abe can ride his bike around in and where we can do art projects (and for it to not be gross)

6. Only spend every other day/ 45 NO SPEND days
- 28 so far
7. Build the emergency fund back up
- $1000

Average daily spending for 2015: $19.59


  1. I think tracking your daily spending for an entire year shows a ton of motivation - you're selling yourself short! Your quarterly goals sound great. :-)

    1. thanks, tracking my daily spending is really the best way I've found to keep me accountable for how much I'm spending. I don't remember the last time I made it a goal since I'm pretty used to it now but you're right it's a chore :)

      I hope that a set of three month goals will be pretty easy to stick to. I'd really like to accomplish them all.

  2. Like you, we have some major decluttering goals a well. We really need to clean out and donate a ton of things from our basement and closets.

    1. I'm planning on donating most of the stuff we get rid of too. One of the main reasons I have so much junk hanging out in our house is because I hate the idea of just throwing things in the trash. I'll try and sell the vintage/ antique things on etsy but otherwise donate and trash. Ahhh, I think I'll start a garage sale collection too. I haven't done one before and the idea of it scares me but I know it'd probably be worth a bit of extra effort to have a go at it at least once.

      Hoping to tackle the basement these first three months of the year and then I'll give the second floor a good clearing out Apr-June. (which we don't actually use... it's an open upstairs/ loft bedroom with a half bath and even more clutter than the basement. It'd be great as a homeschool room)

  3. We don't normally have big things so for us it is easier and MUCH less time consuming to just donate everything. We've tried yard sale and just don't make enough to make all the work worth it.

    We are going to focus on not eating out - definitely our BIGGEST vice - figuring we can take our vacation to Mount Rushmore on the money we would spend eating out this year if we kept it the same as last year!!!!

    Sue :)

    1. I feel like a garage sale would be more work than it's worth too but at this point I think maybe any extra money, $100, $150... it'd be worth the work. I really really really don't want to do one though, for many reasons. But I think this is the year.

      I think it's awesome that you'll be able to afford the Mt. Rushmore trip on saving from eating out money... not that excessive eating out was ever a good thing : ) haha, speaking from someone who's totally been there. Cool!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank-you :-)
      I have to go read yours now...