Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just Another Day in Siberia

It's been snowing non stop here for days. And today was the worst. It was in the single digits Fahrenheit all day. 6F when I got home. And the wind chill is absurd. Very negative degrees going on there. The inches of freezing cold white stuff are accumulating faster than anyone can clear them. I've been home from work for 3 hours and I've been hearing neighbors snow blowing their driveways ever since I arrived. No snow blower here though. Just a good old fashioned shovel and a freak who thinks snow is one of the most visually stunning events in nature (that'd be me). I enjoy it much more when it's not so cold though.

This fabulously (and a tad bit scary) snowy Thursday turned out to be a NO SPEND, number 4 for the year, that I'm particularly proud of. My work phone was broke Monday thru Wednesday and I needed to fill out a bunch of reports on the replacement phone today at 5 different stores. I drove at least 100 miles today in this nonsense (for the record I'm used to LOTS of driving from years past and I'm very careful in snow which I'm also very accustomed to driving in). Did I want to pick up a Starbucks beverage during the middle of the day? Oh yeah. Did I want to grab a few clearance items while working in the 5 different stores? Yep. Did I want to get a few groceries before I headed home. Yes I did. I really wanted to pick up a box of granola bars for my little Abe. But I resolved this morning to not spend a dime. I brought some snacks with me for the day, made myself a big cup of coffee before I left the house and just stuck to it. I'm kind of shocked that I pulled this one off. Usually when I work a longer day, particularly one with a lot of driving, I can't squeak out a no spend.


Average daily spending for 2015: $20.11

We only went out for about 3 minutes to shovel the front steps.
But he liked getting out of the house.
That strange thing in back was making a home in my basement.
I'm getting rid of it.
Little Abe calls in the spider webby roof.
I have no idea what it is; I think it was a project some kid made at one time.


  1. Good for you on your no spend day!!! It is hard when you are out and about not to stop and give yourself a "treat" - we were good to - went grocery shopping after hubby got home from work and came home and ate LEFTOVERS instead of driving through somewhere!!! Yay us :)

    Sue :)

    1. I'm not sure I should get as much satisfaction out of eating leftovers as I do but I know exactly what you mean. It feels good to eat leftovers instead of stopping somewhere to get a much tastier but MUCH more costly meal. I always feel accomplished when we have leftovers for dinner. Haha! I'm such a freak.

  2. Great job sticking to your goals! I don't think I would have been able to have a no spend with all that running around.

    1. Normally it's more difficult than it was but I'm still pretty proud of myself. I did bring a yogurt, two special K protein meal bars and a box of triscuits so I was pretty well fed. I hate to admit it because I hate planning BUT having a plan and sticking to it keeps me on track and financially responsible every time.

  3. We had a few no spend days too. That normally doesn't happen but it has been way too cold to do anything. And I love the title!

    1. I know, WAY TOO COLD! As much as I want to run out and pick up a few groceries tomorrow and the Sunday paper for more coupons I just don't think I'm going to leave the house this weekend for any reason. It's just too cold and snowy.

      Good job on the no spends :)