Sunday, January 4, 2015

Groceries, groceries, blah, blah, blah

I spent $38.73 at the grocery store today including a newspaper for $2. It had some great coupons in it. I clipped $22 worth of coupons for almost all things I regularly purchase. Now that's rare! I'll try and use each of the coupons while the items are on sale. That's always my goal anyhow.

So far this year I've spent $91.67 ($15.29 a day) on food groceries and $25.89 ($4.32 a day) on other. The next two days should be no spends (I've factored them into the averages).

We'll have barbecue chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and corn tonight, ground chicken tacos tomorrow, and the mushroom soup chicken again on Tuesday (I really loved it). I've not planned farther out than that but I'll need to shop again on Wednesday for the regulars; Juice and milk and hopefully not much more.

I should be at 4 NO SPEND days for the year by Tuesday.
I haven't logged into facebook thus far.
I've gotten rid of two large boxes of clutter already.

Average daily spending for 2015: $19.59


  1. My time waster is reading books. I can get lost in a book and lose motivation for getting other stuff done. I'm trying not to let myself read until the evenings now or after the kids are in bed and so far I've been able to get a lot of stuff done this weekend.

    1. Thats funny. I need to spend less time checking facebook so that I can read more books... okay, among so much other stuff. haha

  2. I rarely use coupons since I do buy a lot of generic or store-brand items and no stores around here double-coupon so I don't tend to bother with them - so glad you were able to find some for things you usually use!!! I think $22 savings for a $2 purchase prices is a pretty good trade-off!!! Those extreme couponers amaze me!!!

    Sue :)

    1. those extreme couponers amaze me too. Their organization skills alone must be somewhere alone the lines of genius mentality. I don't think I could keep it all together even if I spent every minute of the day focusing on the task.