Saturday, January 3, 2015

Facebook... gah!

I decided to not log into facebook this month: facebook free January. I kind of love facebook. I've friends all over the world and it's such a great way to keep in touch and well it gives such a terrific false sense of human interaction. It's also such a huge waste of time and I'm certain I have an addiction. Now facebook is driving me crazy. I haven't logged in for three days and they keep e-mailing me telling me that I've so many un-read messages and so many notifications pending. When did they start doing this? I've gone a few days without logging in before and now one day without and I'm getting "come back" e-mails. Kind of pushy, eh?

Staying away the first two days was easy. Now after two e-mails I feel like I'm missing out on something by not checking these un-read messages and pending notifications. Am I missing anything, no! I have a telephone. Most people who would need to contact me can call. gah!


  1. I went Facebook free 3 years ago as New Years resolution and I love it now. Why don't you email your close friends instead? You can send them a picture and have real interaction with just them. I think Facebook is depressing and its actually been proven that repeatedly gives one lower self esteem because of the constant comparison. Stay strong. You will appreciate it.

  2. I'm pretty sure I don't have self esteem issues because of it but it's definitely depressing for several different reasons. I find myself getting depressed just after scrolling through the feed and seeing different articles people have posted and sometimes watching people's horrible life decisions play out on facebook can be a pretty big downer. It also makes me angry a lot. Some statuses... but I do love the positive aspects it has. I really just need to figure out how to limit how often I log in and scroll through the feed. I don't want to log on this month though.

    Good job cutting the cord! And I could e-mail close friends; I will this month too, but in truth there are a lot of people that I really care about (I'm not a facebook user with hundreds of friends) that I would lose touch with if I weren't on facebook. again, Gah!

  3. You can change your settings so you won't get emails. I did that and it is wonderful!

    1. I know that I turned off most of the facebook notification e-mails. I had thought I only left one e-mail notification on. I sometimes get an e-mail from them if someone mentions me in a comment but that's it. But I think this "come back" e-mail thing must be fairly new. I'll have to turn that e-mail notification off when I go back. It's really annoying!