Saturday, January 10, 2015

Food Waste Update - Clementine marmalade

We're ten days in to the new year. I'm paying super close attention to what food we're throwing away this year and hoping to throw away very little. Until today I had been very successful at using up anything that was close to going bad.

I had a box with several shriveling clementines that I didn't really know what to do with though. I imagined I'd have to throw them out sooner or later (because I tried to eat one and it was gross) but I held onto them anyhow. I bought a new box of clementines a few days ago and gosh darn it there were 3 moldy ones and a few really shriveled ones in there too.

Now, do I buy orange marmalade? No. Have I ever made orange marmalade before? No. Have I ever eaten orange marmalade before? I honestly do not remember. But for some reason it crossed my mind today to use up the not moldy but very shriveled clementines (I think I put about 10 in) to make clementine marmalade. It's so yummy!!! The stuff is like candy. I made a very small batch because I just used the shriveled clementines I had but it's awesome.

Today I threw away six moldy clementines but the marmalade that I made with the shriveled ones is a total success!


  1. That sounds great! I threw some away before the beginning of the year. You could use the marmalade to make orange chicken also. I'd have to google the recipe again but I actually bought marmalade once to make the recipe. Now I won't be so worried about buying clementines. It's hit or miss if we actually use them or not. But this is a great idea to use them up.

    1. I'm amazed at how awesome it is especially because I found a recipe online and just winged it. I didn't have near the quantities the recipe called for so I just cut up the clementines I had, added all the sugar I had left in the house... I think about 1 1/2 cups and eye balled the water. I simmered it for the 40 minutes like it said and then I rose the temp to 220 and done. Oh, I added a little bit of rum. The recipe I found called for lemon but I didn't have any and we have this little bottle of rum in the baking cupboard that's been there forever so I put a little of that in in place of the lemon. It cooked of so it's still safe for my kiddo but gave it a little extra flavor. It's SO yummy and was ridiculously easy too.

    2. Awesome!:)))) I have 5 or so strawberries wilting in the fridge from New Year's, I've been thinking about jamming them too! :)

    3. Ooh, with 5 strawberries you could easily make strawberry pancakes. Just make pancakes and cut the berries up pretty small and throw them in the batter. But jam is delicious :)