Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 In Review

Financially... not such a good year. Between the back injury which resulted in going to the chiropractor A LOT (pretty much all out of pocket), buying a car in April, and not working a ton this past year I was hardly able to keep our heads above water. But if I hadn't learned to spend less, live frugally, and have changed our horrid money ways as much as I have this past year would have been awful. My 2014 review is simply a look back at this blog and the highlights that stuck out to me.

We started making our own wrapping paper out of the funny pages from the Sunday news paper.

Little Abe made his first pinata.

We grew strawberries and tomatoes in our back yard. (this was the highlight of my year)

I did not purchase one single diaper. (started out the year with a potty trained 22 month old who wears cloth diapers at night time)

Little Abe took gymnastics at the Y and started horse riding lessons.

I made jam for the first time and a great deal of very delicious pies too.

I used the rosehips from the backyard... a little at least.

We went blueberry picking... SOOOO yummy!

I fixed our sink all on my own; HUGE accomplishment for me!

My favorite posts from this blog were:

Overall I really enjoyed spending the year with my kiddo. There were countless moments of glee and delight and enjoying time with each other. In retrospect I really need to make a conscious effort to spend quality time with my husband (and for him to spend quality time with Abe).

But there is this:


  1. What a beautiful year you had!!! Really puts the financial end in perspective, doesn't it? While we have to secure our future, it is nice to remember to live in the moment and enjoy all those little things that have nothing to do with money!!!

    I'm so ready for grandkids (but my kids have other ideas) that I'm living vicariously through you & little Abe - THANK YOU :)

    Sue :)

    1. haha! I'm glad you're enjoying him too :)

      It was a really good year. Finances are important and can be such a headache but they don't rule my life. I'm only slowly realizing this but it's true.

  2. It is true and it has taken me MUCH longer than you to figure it out!!!

    Sue :)

  3. How did I miss the prego jars post?! That's a great idea. I always feel guilty throwing a jar away.

    1. haha, I honestly have like 6 of them in my cupboard now. They are my very favorite glass to drink water out of and they're perfect for my son's smoothies. Its kind of sad how much I love them and it does feel really good to re-use them actually.

  4. Dia dhuit! I really enjoyed your yearly review - and those wonderful red skies! The BBC produced a good series back in the 90's for adults to learn Irish but it is only in the Northern (Ulster) dialect, which is arguably the most difficult.
    Good luck!

  5. Ahhhh, strawberries, and gymnastics, and blueberries, and horsies, awesome year:)