Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moldy Red Peppers Make For Very Happy Snowmen

After the first snowman was constructed I absolutely pulled the moldy pepper out of the bin to cut the most perfect happy snowman mouth from it.

We've had a lovely morning and a lovely time at breakfast with my friend. Afterwards the three of us drove down to the lake to see how far it'd frozen out; Lake Michigan is very much alive. Less than a month ago there wasn't a single frozen formation in the lake (I always refer to the mountains of ice that form at the shore as frozen waves). Our lake doesn't freeze out flat because of the huge waves so rather it has large mesmerizing frozen hills along the shore. The frozen waves went out very far already and the lighthouse was covered in a very thick sheet of ice.

When we arrived home my little guy and I headed into the backyard and built some happy snowmen together. He also made some snow angels and we ran around with the dogs a bit (okay, he ran around with the dogs a bit). All before nap time... now that's a good Saturday. 

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.20


  1. What a wonderful day - and what a great use of an "unusable' pepper :) We are sitting here in Northern California in the fog....not quite as beautiful as your area!!! The lake sounds beautiful!!!

    Sue :)

    1. I think the snow is incredibly beautiful but it's been COLD so far this winter. It was nice to have a warm day today and to be able to get outside and enjoy it.

      I wish I could get a good picture of our frozen waves but it doesn't come across very 3 dimensional on film. It kind of just looks like a wintry desert with a enormous lake on the other side of it.